July 21, 2008


After two days of intensive skating, the Ams that trekked to Montreal for Zoo York's AM Getting Paid event were treated to the official Zoo York sponsored party, that has been so dubbed, the AM Getting Laid party. Though it's the night before the finals event - it's the jam that no one wants to miss out on. Dj Numark held it down for the HUGE crowd as everyone danced until the wee morning hours. Also featured at the party were body painted girls for the boys delights. Outside after the party, the streets were filled with rowdy Quebeqoise as far as the eye could see. Shirts were off or soaked, and lines for Poutine (fries with gravy and curds) were out the door. Here's to another year of good fun times with the Zoo Crew in Canada! See you next year, since you know if you missed it this time around you don't want to miss it next time!